• Rob Hankinson

    with his wife Jan – Austin, TX

Rob Hankinson is a Renaissance man with an eye for the beauty of God’s creation, be it in the majesty of nature, the innocence of a child or the warmth in the eyes of a beloved pet.

Rob always knew art would be a part of his life, even though he hadn’t received formal training.  As a surprise 30th birthday gift, his wife enrolled him in art classes.  From then on, Rob was prolific, converting the garage to his studio and painting constantly.  Following a 17 year hiatus, Rob rekindled his passion for art when he and his wife made the move to Austin, Texas.

Rob’s personal style evolved with his maturity and perspective on life.  While his works are primarily representational, Rob’s outlook allows him the freedom to pursue color and shapes more abstractly. He interprets creation as a collision of complementary colors on the canvas.  Rob’s Texas Hill Country landscapes give the viewer a rough sense of place, but let the viewer’s imagination fill in the detail.  His playful pet portraits capture the personality and character of the animal, but don’t focus too heavily on exact representations.

Jenny Smiley
daughter of the artist

“Looking at art is one way of listening to God”